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Omnis is a leading global services provider of Information Governance and eDisclosure & Forensic Technology services.

Omnis is a leading global services provider of Information Governance and eDiscovery & Forensic Technology services.

Omnis is a leading dynamic global company based in London and Dubai.

With data volumes doubling every 18 months and an ever increasing amount unstructured, uncontrolled and unknown, the way we look at, understand, and manage data is changing rapidly.

The important questions for all organisations to consider is:

- What data do we have?
- Where is it?
- Do we need it?

Omnis Information Governance services helps you to answer those questions.

item What data do we have?
item Where is it?
item Do we need it?
Information Risk Evaluation

file analysis

How can File Analysis help businesses to manage data more effectively?

The move to digitisation has led more and more companies to storing and using large volumes of confidential data in a digital format. Whilst critical business data needs to remain accessible, it is vital for any business to be fully aware of the information that they possess at any one time and be able to process and use it effectively without causing any risk of data breaches.

How The Disestablishment Of The ‘Safe Harbour’ Agreement Will Affect Information Governance For Companies

The “Safe Harbour” agreement is an agreement that was made between the EU (European Union) and the US in 1998 regarding data protection. The agreement was struck in order to forbid personal data from being transferred to countries outside of the EU that didn’t meet the EU’s “adequacy” standard of protection of privacy. Both the United Nations and the United States deem the personal privacy of their residents a priority, but they both take different approaches in reaching this goal.

File Analysis

Could file analysis improve your business efficiency?

Across the UK, business managers are required to rethink their data management strategies and ensure that all data is dealt with in a secure and compliant manner. Security breaches are reported on a regular basis worldwide, so it’s vital to ensure that any loopholes and vulnerabilities are catered for. However, it’s also important that data is easily accessible and simple to use for employees to be able to work efficiently.