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Omnis is a leading global services provider of Information Governance and eDisclosure & Forensic Technology services.

Omnis is a leading global services provider of Information Governance and eDiscovery & Forensic Technology services.

Omnis is a leading dynamic global company based in London and Dubai.

With data volumes doubling every 18 months and an ever increasing amount unstructured, uncontrolled and unknown, the way we look at, understand, and manage data is changing rapidly.

The important questions for all organisations to consider is:

- What data do we have?
- Where is it?
- Do we need it?

Omnis Information Governance services helps you to answer those questions.

item What data do we have?
item Where is it?
item Do we need it?
Information Risk Evaluation

Data regulations

How an information governance strategy can help to ensure your compliance with all data regulations

There is a number of UK and EU laws regarding data protection, to protect both you as a business and your in-house data, as well as your customers, suppliers and contacts and all sensitive information relating to them. It’s vital to secure all confidential data to avoid damage to your business, including fundamental trust issues with customers through your failure to protect their information in the event of a security breach.

Information Risk Evaluation

Could Information Risk Evaluation increase data protection for your business?

Data demands are growing for businesses worldwide as they begin to deal with a higher volume of digital information and personal data stored on computers and servers. Despite the move towards digitisation, a large amount of confidential information is still held by many businesses in paper form. In each of these cases, it’s fundamental that this information remains secure.