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Omnis is a leading global services provider of Information Governance and eDisclosure & Forensic Technology services.

Omnis is a leading global services provider of Information Governance and eDiscovery & Forensic Technology services.

Omnis is a leading dynamic global company based in London and Dubai.

With data volumes doubling every 18 months and an ever increasing amount unstructured, uncontrolled and unknown, the way we look at, understand, and manage data is changing rapidly.

The important questions for all organisations to consider is:

- What data do we have?
- Where is it?
- Do we need it?

Omnis Information Governance services helps you to answer those questions.

item What data do we have?
item Where is it?
item Do we need it?
Information Risk Evaluation

Data Security

5 ways you can increase your data security in-house

There are simple things that you can do to encourage your staff to maximise data security at all times. With a growing number of businesses being targeted by online crime and data hacks, it is vital to protect your business effectively to prevent legal and financial implications from releasing confidential data into the public domain. Here are 5 easy ways to minimize your risk of data breaches and increase your data security in-house.

How to manage data to increase your business’ efficiency

Businesses store a huge volume of information – from customer data to potential client data, employee information and finances. With so much data being processed, it is vital to keep it secure and manage it efficiently to make the most out of it. According to Symantec, the average small to medium-sized business holds 564 terabytes of data at any given time. This means that data handling and storage are important to ensure that records and vital pieces of information can be accessed quickly and easily.