“Explosive, unstructured data growth is forcing IT leaders to rethink data management. IT, data and storage managers use file analysis to deliver insight into information about the data, enabling better management and governance to improve business value, reduce risk and lower management cost.” Gartner

The proliferation of data is unrelenting and with 90% of that data unstructured and located in ever remote and unknown repositories, organisations need new ways and tools to address the problems of data risk, privacy, compliance, eDisclosure, security, storage and retention.

What is File Analysis?

File Analysis enables organisations to understand, manage and control their data and to develop a strategy for improved ongoing information management relevant to today’s digital world using leading edge technology. 

It provides the answers to key questions:

•    What is our risk exposure?
•    Are these documents or emails company records?
•    Where is our intellectual property?
•    Does this data we’re storing have business value or does it pose a risk?
•    How long have we held it?
•    Can we remove it?

How does File Analysis help?

It enables companies to:

•    Remove Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial Data
•    Reduce storage costs
•    Mitigate Risks
•    Ensure Compliance
•    Respond effectively to Litigation, Audit and Regulatory investigations
•    Extract value from your information assets
•    Improve business processes and procedures

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