Auto Classification – by using powerful content and predictive analytics records can be classified automatically. This helps with migration projects, applying retention policies and improves search capabilities.

Storage Optimisation – identifying and removing ROT (redundant, obsolete & trivial) information removes between 30% and 60% of a company’s data thus reducing storage costs, backup costs, staff costs and ensures information can be found quicker and more easily so reducing operational costs.

Sensitive Data Finder – gain insight into your information risk exposure by identifying and securing sensitive data such as PII, PCI… and valuable data, such as IP, research information, contracts… Helping to protect against data loss to competitors and hackers.

Records Retention – understanding your data and identifying corporate records enables the application of retention policies and ensures corporate compliance

Defensible Deletion – a repeatable and accountable process that allows you to identify, categorise and manage all your data and eliminate the parts that have no business value.

Information Risk Assessment – Assess your data to help you understand the content and the context of your data to help develop a governance strategy. An Information Risk Assessment will help you to make the right choices, to understand your business better and to identify the risks and value of the data you own and are responsible for.