The Omnis Approach to Information Governance - our aim is to help companies to understand what data they have in terms of

  • Mitigating risk
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving business processes

We shine a light in the dark recesses where the data you don’t know about exists.

This is where the real risks and the real benefits are.

We use industry leading technology to help you understand the ‘unknown unknowns’ by working collaboratively with clients.

We are not looking to analyse your entire processes, procedures and policies, that’s for another day, because if you don’t know what you have then how can you know what to do?

Our aim is to quickly and efficiently start you on the journey of data enlightenment.

To help you understand what value and risks are hidden in your file shares, repositories and mail servers.

Our approach is to deliver to you an initial Information Risk Evaluation – to be used as part of your Information Governance, Data Governance, Risk Management Assessment or Strategy.

This can be used to assess your current data risks, as an independent audit to rubberstamp your data security and privacy measures or to help you build an IG business case.

Oh, and if we don’t amaze you, it costs nothing!!