Dubai Data Services

Electronic Discovery and Disclosure, or “eDisclosure”, is the cost effective management of electronically stored data whether this be for internal governance, regulatory enquiries, arbitration or litigation.

Omnis is the first and only independent provider to host data locally and on-shore in the United Arab Emirates in our secure data centre located in Dubai negating privacy and data protection issues.

Offering a full suite of services across the Electronic Disclosure Reference Model (EDRM) and supported by the best technical and project management staff in the industry. Using market leading technologies we are able to identify and review relevant information quickly and accurately so that our clients are able to arrive at the key facts of their investigation and make informed decisions, from identification to disclosure.

We have particular expertise in multi-jurisdictional and cross-border matters, ensuring that local data privacy laws are regulations are followed.

Our eDiscovery and Disclosure Services Include:

  • Data processing
  • Data Analytics, Technology/Computer Assisted Review/Transparent Predictive Coding
  • Online Review through various leading eDiscovery Platforms
  • Managed Review
  • Review Platform Configuration and Customisation