data protection

Why you should assess your data protection this Christmas

Christmas is approaching, we’re all tempted to start getting into the festive celebrations but before you put on the paper hat and crack open the sherry, consider how well your business is protecting the data that it holds. If you don’t then you could be left with a serious new year hangover once all the fun and festivities abate and the ICO moves in. Here’s why:

File Analysis

Is Your Business Making The Most Of File Analysis When It Comes To Information Governance?

Over the last few years, the potential of file analytics to transform the observance of law has become very apparent to anyone within the legal sector and indeed outside it. However, up until only recently, it was extremely unclear as to whether or not organisations were utilising these new technologies. In response to this, the Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers otherwise known as CTRL, commissioned research into the use of data analytics within the in-house legal departments in six cases.

Information Governance

Could it be time for you to amend your information governance strategy?

In the wake of the Talk Talk data breach in October this year, many organisations have become concerned about whether the way they handle data in-house is sufficient to protect them from something similar. While we’ve seen plenty of high profile attacks on businesses like Talk Talk that have dominated the news in recent years, it’s worth remembering that all data has value and hackers are beginning to turn their attention to the smaller business, which may have less in the way of security and information governance.