The importance of legal compliance when handling confidential information

Handling data securely is a vital part of protecting both your business and your customers. From the point of sourcing this information, to using and disposing of it, you have an obligation by law to keep information private and secure. Failure to do so can have severe legal implications.

Laws regarding information governance

There are a number of laws regarding correct information governance, including the Data Protection Act 1998. These laws put standards in place for protecting against unauthorised access to personal and confidential data. This protects both the company handling the data and those that the data belongs to.

Consequences for failure to comply

Failing to comply with data privacy legislation could result in legal action being taken against you. Other consequences can include large fines and compensation claims, loss of business, long-term damage to your reputation, and loss of trust with past customers. Individuals responsible for careless handling of data can be subject to punishment or losing their job. However, if you take care to adhere to all legislation and demonstrate a secure method of data handling and destruction, then you will build trust and your reputation.

Creating an information governance strategy

One method of ensuring that you are meeting data protection requirements is to create an information governance strategy. This will help you to cover all aspects of handling sensitive information, and establish accountability for maintaining high security standards.

Within your strategy, you will need to decide what your regulations are regarding data retention. For example, what processes must be followed once data is no longer needed? What procedures must be followed for sourcing and storing data over the time it is required? How can you prevent against data breaches?

Find out more about what to consider for your data retention policy.

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