File Analysis

Is Your Business Making The Most Of File Analysis When It Comes To Information Governance?

Over the last few years, the potential of file analytics to transform the observance of law has become very apparent to anyone within the legal sector and indeed outside it. However, up until only recently, it was extremely unclear as to whether or not organisations were utilising these new technologies. In response to this, the Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers otherwise known as CTRL, commissioned research into the use of data analytics within the in-house legal departments in six cases.

How The Disestablishment Of The ‘Safe Harbour’ Agreement Will Affect Information Governance For Companies

The “Safe Harbour” agreement is an agreement that was made between the EU (European Union) and the US in 1998 regarding data protection. The agreement was struck in order to forbid personal data from being transferred to countries outside of the EU that didn’t meet the EU’s “adequacy” standard of protection of privacy. Both the United Nations and the United States deem the personal privacy of their residents a priority, but they both take different approaches in reaching this goal.

EU data protection

How will you be affected by the new EU Data Protection Regulations?

April saw the beginning of the European Union’s reform on its regulations surrounding data protection. Although these changes won’t be in place until at least 2017, they are set to have a significant impact on the way companies deal with the data that they have. This applies particularly to updates concerning the digital management of data. Since the regulations were last updated in 1995, there’s been substantial growth of data being stored and used in a digital format, as well as the need to increase privacy levels for those who the data belongs to.